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Cavanagh Art Installation

Licensed & Insured With 37 Years of Experience


My name is Timothy Cavanagh Diggles and I would like to introduce you to Cavanagh Art installation, a delivery and art installation service. I am a licensed, insured and operate a cargo box van capable of moving large-scale artwork.

As a picture framer in 1977, In Michigan I began handling fine art. In Tucson, Arizona from 1980 to 1985 I managed the frame shop at the Gekas-Nicholas Gallery, and from 1985 to 1987 I was a picture framer and installer for Lewis Framing. In Portland, Oregon for ten years, I hung shows and installed art for the Mark Wooley Gallery, and was a picture framer and installer at Framing Resource. Also, as an artist I have been creating and installing large-scale ceramic wall sculptures, for the last twenty five years.

In the spring of 2003 I completed a home/studio in Tucson, and then returned to Portland and began servicing Portland June through August and Tucson September through May. I am now residing in Tucson Arizona year round. Since then I've been frequently employed by the Tucson Museum of Art and the Terry Etherton Gallery. You can contact either for their references.


Cavanagh Art Truck

My services are available seven days a week both mornings and evenings. I provide local delivery, installation and security hanging.

Half day, full day and gallery show installation rates are available.

Delivery, Installation, Security Hanging - Cargo Truck 14' L X 7' W X 6' H